Could Latino Voters Turn Deep-Red Texas Democratic by 2020?

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Jacob Monty looks at the demographics of his state of Texas and does
not like what he’s seeing. Though the Lone Star state, which holds its
Republican primary Tuesday, is a sure thing for Mitt Romney in November,
it could be majority Latino by 2030, and those Latinos are voting
overwhelmingly Democrat.

“The future of the Republican Party lies in keeping Texas as a
Republican state. And if we allow our numbers to slip in Texas, we run
the risk of losing the firewall that keeps the Republican Party as a
viable option,” he said.

A Latino of Mexican descent, the Houston attorney sits on the board of directors of a new organization called Hispanic Republicans of Texas.
It was co-founded two years ago by George P. Bush, son of former
Florida governor Jeb Bush and the nephew of former president George W.
Bush. The group’s goal is to recruit and train Latinos to run for local
office — as Republicans.

“Hispanics are conservative on the main issues that define conservative
voters,” said Monty, ticking off the reasons the GOP should have appeal
to the group. “Religion, entrepreneurship… We believe in the free
enterprise system. We have the lowest unionization rate than any other
group in America, lower than African Americans and Anglos.”

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