Gingrich Hints at Possible Campaign Exit

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The race for the GOP nomination appears all but sewn up for Mitt
Romney, but voters in New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and
Pennsylvania will nonetheless have their chance to cast their votes on

While the results of the nominating contests matter relatively little
now that Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race, the final tally in
Delaware has the potential to deliver another dash of good news for
Romney: a Newt Gingrich exit.

The former House speaker told NBC News
that he’ll have to “reassess” his campaign depending on how he fares in
the the First State, which will hand out 17 delegates in its
winner-take-all nominating contest. “We have got really positive
responses and I would hope we would do well there—either carry it or
come very, very close,” Gingrich said.

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