GOP in no rush to legislate if ‘Obamacare’ goes down

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Republicans still have only one thing in mind when it comes to President Barack Obama’s health care law: full repeal.

If the Supreme Court wholly or partially strikes down the law on Thursday,
House Republicans won’t rush to pass a bill that allows young adults
under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance. They won’t pass
legislation forcing insurance companies to cover people with
pre-existing conditions. And the gap in drug coverage that requires
seniors to pay more out of pocket — the so-called donut hole — won’t
immediately be closed.

Never mind that those are some of the most popular provisions in the health care law — Republicans
will be in no rush to pass any health care legislation besides a
straight repeal measure after the Supreme Court rules. They’re going to
let legislation slowly wind its way through committees and get debated,
dissected and amended. If the entire law or part of the law is upheld,
the House GOP would vote for repeal, of course — they already have.