Best of Boulder 2013: Fitness, Activity, Climbing, Yoga and More

Boulder Rock Club
Photo by Ron Propri/Boulder Rock Club

Indoor Climbing Gym

2829 Mapleton Ave., 303-447-2804

Second Place: Movement Climbing Fitness
Third Place: The Spot Bouldering Gym
Fourth Place: Lakeshore Athletic Club
Fifth Place: Colorado Athletic Training School (CATS)/Dick’s Sporting Goods (tie)

Climbing is an
integral part of the Boulder community. But on days when Boulderites are
stuck at the office until dark, what’s a climber to do? Head to the Boulder Rock Club, of course. 

With a significant
remodel and the addition of a new program, Tiny Tots, to care for the
kids, the BRC is holding on as the classic, beloved climbing gym in
Boulder. But we’d take to the ropes at runner-up Movement any day of the
week, too.

Dance Studio

2590 Walnut St., Suite 10, 303-443-0028

Second Place: Alchemy of Movement
Third Place: The Avalon Ballroom
Fourth Place: Streetside Studios
Fifth Place: Kakes Studios

Boulder Ballet is
so talented it has been selected for a dance award twice! In addition
to winning our Best Live Dance Group award, Boulder Ballet provides
unparalleled instruction in both contemporary and traditional dance
forms. It also has a program specifically designed for male movement,
and these classes encompass everything from ballet to mime and juggling.
Past Storybook shows, where students showcase their work, have included
Wizard of Oz, The Little Match Girl and Peter Pan. Our
second-place winner, Alchemy of Movement, is known for its informal,
non-competitive fitness-meets-dance classes like SoulSweat and World

Gym/Fitness Center

1821 30th St., 303-501-1700

Second Place: 24 Hour Fitness
Third Place: YMCA
Fourth Place: North Boulder Recreation Center
Fifth Place: Flatiron Athletic Club

you need a place to go when it’s one of those five days each year that
Boulder is without sunshine, when it’s the week your job actually
managed to eat all the daylight hours, or when it’s just time to crank
the treadmill to 11 (wait … don’t those actually go to 15 or
something?). Anyway, when it’s time for workouts after dark, in the cold
or that involve lifting the weight your toddlers just don’t amply
provide yet, or time to catch a swim, hot tub soak or a chill-out
session in the sauna, you’ll want to hit the gym to keep you sane, fit
and feeling good. And come sun or come rain, the Colorado Athletic Club is keeping Boulder sane, one elliptical at a time.

Golf Course

5706 Arapahoe Ave., 303-442-7851

Second Place: Boulder Country Club
Third Place: Indian Peaks Golf Club
Fourth Place: Haystack Mountain Golf Course
Fifth Place: Coal Creek Golf Course

after its invention in Scotland in the 1400s, golf was banned as a
nuisance, danger and distraction from other more productive tasks, like
work or practicing archery for the military. More than 500 years
later, the ability of clubs and little white balls to lure people away
from their tasks at hand endures. And in Boulder, readers say the best
place to make your swings is at Flatirons Golf Course. It’s
biking distance from downtown Boulder and those sunny greens sport
views of the Flatirons and Green Mountain. Just blame that bogey on the
mountain vistas.

Martial Arts

1676 30th St., 303-442-4330

Second Place: Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Third Place: Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center
Fourth Place: Boulder Quest Center
Fifth Place: Boulder Aikikai Aikido Dojo

While we have to admit that Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid taught
us much of what Hollywood wanted us to know about martial arts, we’re
certain that the people of Boulder have chosen wisely by selecting Boulder Karate yet
again as our martial arts winner. Boulder Karate offers classes to
students of all ages and skill levels, and prides itself on its five
values: attitude, integrity, respect, self control and heart. Each
student takes one private lesson with the option of multiple group
lessons per week, and Boulder Karate does not require a long-term
contract to take classes. Our runner-up, Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,
offers specialized classes like cardio kickboxing, boxing conditioning
and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Pilates Studio

3020 Carbon Place, Ste. 330, 303-444-2739

Second Place: Bolder Pilates
Third Place: Colorado Athletic Club
Fourth Place: Core Wisdom/North Boulder Pilates (tie)

If you’re hard-core about hardening your core, you already know Boulder Bodyworks is
Boulder County’s best place for Pilates. Whether you’re looking for
group classes or private instruction, recovering from an injury or
trying to stay in shape, stopping in to Boulder Bodyworks offers a
chance to work with the studio’s certified instructors.

Bodyworks also offers Pilates for Golfers classes to help reduce the
chance of back injury from that surprisingly strenuous sport. The
studio, along with second-place winner Bolder Pilates, owned and
operated by Donna Rosen, specializes in pre- and post-natal training.

Ski Resort

2861 Eldora Ski Road #140, 303-440-8700

Second Place: Vail Ski Resort
Third Place: Winter Park Resort/Mary Jane
Fourth Place: Copper Mountain
Fifth Place: Breckenridge Ski Resort

erratic weather patterns can sometimes make planning your “sick days”
ahead of time next to impossible. That’s certainly one reason why the
nearby Eldora Mountain Resort takes the cake for Boulder’s Best
Ski Resort. Located right outside Nederland, Eldora Mountain Resort is
the closest ski resort to Boulder and is easily accessible by the RTD
Ski-n-Ride. While it may be smaller than other popular Colorado resorts,
Eldora offers a fun day on the slopes for beginner and intermediate
skiers and snowboarders, as well as some solid runs through the trees
for the advanced enthusiast.

Yoga Studio

645 27th Way, 303-497-9642
3280 28th St., 303-440-3930
1129 13th St., 303-440-8952

Second Place: Yoga Pod
Third Place: Om Time
Fourth Place: Little Yoga Studio
Fifth Place: Studio Be Yoga

yoga is the rare chance to swap the hectic day-to-day for the
simplicity of your own breath. That’s why, no matter where you are in
Boulder, a CorePower Yoga Studio’s haven of energy and focus is
never too far away. Yogis in Boulder can’t get enough of the pumped-up
classes taught at CorePower Yoga Studio’s three locations around
Boulder. Enjoy practicing by candlelight in the Heated Power Yoga class,
or healing through stretching in a CoreRestore session. Yoga Pod, our
second-place winner, is known for providing exciting classes and a
picturesque sanctuary at the base of the Flatirons.

STAFF PICK: Spectator Sport That’s Not Coming Back to Boulder


Well, it was a good run while it lasted. While Aspen, Vail and Denver have held on to their spots as host cities for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge
a fierce bike race for cyclists hungry for mountain passes and craving
time trials — Boulder, also known as the cycling capital of the free
world, has not. The race will come close enough to make spectating
feasible when the route passes through the host cities of Loveland and
Fort Collins and finishes in Denver, we presume again for the individual
time trial. But it’s hardly the same as cruising on your own two
wheels down to Pearl Street or hiking up Flagstaff to watch those
cyclists whip past. Sigh. We’ll certainly miss the feel of hometown
heroes pedaling through town — and our portion of the 1 million
attendees and estimated $99.6 million in economic impact the race has
on the state of Colorado. It’s fine. We’ll play fair. We can share.
This year.