Helmets aren’t interchangeable


Substituting pricey ski equipment with other gear works in some instances. It’s fine, for example, to layer windbreaker pants over fleece pants instead of buying an expensive snowsuit.

Helmets are a different story. A bicycling helmet or rock climbing helmet cannot replace a helmet designed for snow sports. Different types of helmets are certified and tested for different uses.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) regulates helmet standards and requires testing based on impact and retention. POC Sports, a Swedish athletic company, meets the ASTM standards with The Receptor Bug Series Helmet.

The Bug is a stylish helmet available in unique colors such as burnt orange. It has an external ABS shell with an internal polycarbonate shell bonded to a shock-absorbent polystyrene layer.

The helmet has ventilation that can be closed on cold days. The helmet uses Ventilated-Double-Shell-Anti-Penetration (VDSAP) technology to funnel air between the inner and outer shells.

Custom features include foam padding that can be changed for personal fit and removed for cleaning. Sizes range from Extra Small, which fits a head circumference of 20 to 20.5 inches, to an XX Large, which fits between 24 and 24.4 inches.

Available in seven colors. Pricing starts at $130. A store locator is available at www.POCSports.com.

Via McClatchy-Tribune News Service.