How to Camp in Style With Kids This Summer

none | Boulder Weekly

Earlier this month we drove our vintage Airstream to Marfa, Texas,
for its maiden voyage. We knew zilch about driving or camping with a
travel trailer before we left, so it was trial-by-fire from the get-go.
Despite a few train wrecks along the way,
we survived and learned some things for next time—a good thing, because
now that we know how much fun Airstream camping can be, there will most
definitely be a next time (Chaco Canyon, Crested Butte!).
Whether you’re plotting an epic family road trip or just want to elevate
your usual camping experience this summer, follow these tips for a
hassle-free adventure with travel trailer in tow. If you plan it right,
you won’t have to sacrifice wild places and open spaces for comfort. 

1. Make sure your trailer is road-ready. Just because you’ve given
your vintage Airstream a hip interior renovation with robin’s egg-blue
cushions and eco-friendly cork floors doesn’t necessarily mean it’s
ready to be hauled on the interstate at 70 mph. Check your brake lights,
your latches, your tires, your windows, your rusty AM radio antenna.
Anything old or loose will break or fall off.

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