Log helps keep track of your work


High-tech training gear is not for everyone. Watches that record distance and time, beeping randomly if the pace is too slow or fast, can be distracting — and expensive.

Fitness enthusiasts interested in tracking their performance have low-tech options. There are many training logs that offer information, inspiration and a place to record performance with pen and paper — not gigabytes.

“The Ultimate Workout Log:

An Exercise Diary for Everyone” by Suzanne Schlosbery ($13, Mariner Books) is a spiral-bound notebook that is part guide, part log.

The book begins with quick chapters explaining how to fill in the log while also providing guidance on how to set goals and rate workout intensity.

The diary is organized by weeks, with each day receiving a page. For each day, users write in a goal, and there is also space for “daily wrap-up” thoughts. There is an area for nutrition notes as well as mind-body observations. The middle of the page is reserved for logging information about cardio and weight training performance including time, distance and intensity. Short, informative blurbs about exercise myths are scattered throughout the book as “myth busters” and “nutrition nuggets.”

Up to six months of performance can be logged in the diary section.


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