Try this week: Rainbow’s favorite benedict, nacho rito burrito and more

Matt Cortina | Boulder Weekly

Rainbow’s Favorite Benedict
Jamestown Mercantile, 108 Main St., Jamestown,

Time to put your leaf-watching glasses on and head up to the mountains to see the colors change with the season. On your way out, or back, stop by the Jamestown Merc for brunch. Their renovated digs are the perfect spot to sip hot coffee, chow down a heaping morning plate of food and watch the leaves blow and fall to the ground. Out of their menu of American and Mexican breakfast staples, what stands apart are their Benedicts. The portions are massive, and the ingredients are fresh. Rainbow’s Favorite Benedict is both familiar and an exciting new take on the classic egg dish — two poached eggs sit atop plump rolls of prosciutto, peppery and fresh arugula, and crunchy sourdough bread. It’s all topped with a tasteful amount of sweet balsamic vinegar reduction, and served alongside truly unbelievable hashbrowns (crispy and moist), and chunks of sweet potatoes. $11.50.

Nacho Rito Burrito
Loco Hermanos, 318 McCaslin Blvd., Louisville,

Loco Hermanos is not your typical burrito stand. Their burritos come with a variety of unique fillings, including at least one trendy and delightfully terrible-for-you style: the nacho rito. The nacho rito is stuffed with fritos, highlighter-yellow queso, spicy green chile, beans, and choice of beef or shredded chicken (chicken was the choice here). It’s just a monstrosity of goodness. Technically, the biggest feat was keeping all the gooeyness together, and the crispy, thin tortilla held up like the Texan forces at the Alamo before finally, valiantly giving way. Still, the cheese, bean and moist chicken was worth finding a fork for to scoop up and shovel in. $7.

Pappardelle Matriciana
Il Pastaio, 3075 Araphoe Ave., Boulder,

There just aren’t a lot of places that do pasta dishes like Il Pastaio in Boulder. Their fresh-made pastas and authentic, simple sauces are always executed perfectly and without frill. Their take on the classic matriciana (also, amatriciana or all’amatriciana) sauce is a fine example. Tomato, onion and chunks of pancetta are simmered and slathered over thick, long pappardelle noodles. The pasta is cooked to al dente perfection, slightly chewy and solid enough to wrap in all the sauce’s elements. The sauce itself is earthy and savory from the ham (sometimes guanciale is used in this sauce for greater mustiness), and bright from the onion and tomato. Of course, as with all great Italian dishes, the magic is in its simplicity, which as a necessity, shouldn’t be parsed, only enjoyed. $15.50.

Apple Fritter
5280 Donuts, 555 U.S. 287, Broomfield,

Doughnuts: Dessert for breakfast. Or, breakfast for dessert. Either way, donuts have unfortunately been de-emphasized in the food scene lately, clearing the way for showier pastries and know-it-all scones. But the good folks at 5280 Donuts just past Lafayette city limits in Broomfield are honorably sticking to the craft, putting out trays of doughnuts of all shapes and sizes in their modest strip mall shop. Their apple fritter, a seasonal favorite, is a delight: a little crunchy on the outside from browning and glaze, moist and sweet on the inside, with chunks of sweet apples popping up from time to time. $1.50.