Try this week: Vietnamese sandwich, sushi salad, and more


Vietnamese Sandwich
Boulder Pho, 2855 28th St., Boulder, 303-449-0350

Forget every Americanized, corporate bistro and airline báhn mì you’ve had recently, and head, immediately, over to Boulder Pho for their Vietnamese sandwich. It’s perfect. A chewy, long roll with a slightly crisp shell encapsulates grilled meat (we chose pork), cucumber, cilantro and carrots. The grilled pork is rich and savory, with just a little smoke. The vegetables are well-apportioned and the cilantro provides just the right amount of herbal kick. $7.

Vegetarian Combination Plate
Jerusalem Restaurant, 1890 E. Evans Ave., Denver,

For more than 35 years, the family behind Jerusalem Restaurant has been serving up authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine in Denver’s University neighborhood. With the Vegetarian Combination Plate you get a little bit of everything: pita with an ample serving of both creamy hummus and tangy baba ghanouj, equally balanced in eggplant, garlic and lemon flavors; fatouch and tabbouleh salads; fried potatoes (deliciously chunky French fries); succulent stuffed grape leaves; and the standout falafel — perfectly crisp on the outside with a fluffy center. Order to-go from the window or sit in the small restaurant adorned with lavish rugs covering the floor and award plaques covering the walls. $11.50

4 Noses Oktoberfest
4 Noses Brewing Company, 8855 W. 16th Circle, Unit 4, Broomfield

We like everything 4 Noses brews up, but its Oktoberfest-style märzen is spot-on. Rich and nutty, this take on the seasonal classic also brings some warm spices to liven up its deep malt. As the weather turns, you won’t be disappointed to crack open one of these, or to find it on tap, as its rich carbonation makes it easy-drinking and belly-warming. Prices vary.

Sushi Salad
Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, 2010 16th St., Boulder,

You might think unwrapping a sushi roll and mixing all its ingredients together in a big bowl would take away some of its charm. But, trust us: You couldn’t be more wrong. This colorful salad concoction is spot-on — think of it like a power-packed sushi roll in actual bite-sized pieces that you can savor. The seaweed, brown rice, daikon radish, red bell peppers, carrots, mixed greens, sesame seeds and avocado are evenly tossed in a wasabi vinaigrette, evenly distributing bursts of flavor to every single bite. $9.