Logistx at the Block

B-Girl Logistx poses for a portrait at Red Bull Rising Talent in Tehachapi, California on September 25, 2019. // Nicole Burleson / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-21PXWP6Q11W11 // Usage for editorial use only //
Nicole Burleson / Red Bull Content Pool

The pandemic hasn’t stopped Block 1750 from finding a way to connect with the community. And from helping the community connect with their own bodies. 

      The dance-based community center will host a virtual fundraiser and hip-hop breaking lesson with Logan Edra, the 17-year-old powerhouse breakdancer commonly known as Logistx.

      Studio-founder and owner Alex Milewski first met Edra around six years ago at a breaking jam in Los Angeles. Even then, 10-year-old Edra was a force on the dance floor.

      “If you follow her on social media, she’s such a positive presence,” Milewski says. “She’s a bright light in the hip-hop and break scenes. She’s always advocating for people, for goodness, for activism, for veganism — she’s so uplifting in so many ways. Age aside, it’s incredible how much she’s done. It’s so inspiring to see that. That’s what the Block is about. It’s not about doing cool dance moves. It’s about coming together, supporting each other, supporting the community and the values of hip-hop: peace, love and fun. She embodies all of those values with all of her being.”

      Before she found her way to breaking, Edra trained in gymnastics and hip-hop dance, giving her strength and fluidity in breaking. She’s competed with some of the best B-boys and B-girls in the game, and won both season 2 of NBC’s World Of Dance with The Lab, and the Taipei Bboy City Bgirl battle in 2019.

      “For me [breaking] was something that was still a dance and an art form that had to do with music where you really had to listen and feel the music, but it’s so physically challenging too,” Edra said in an interview with DanceSportTotal. “I feel the challenge is what keeps me inspired to keep on with breaking.”

      The workshop will be hosted on Instagram with a suggested donation of $5, but Milewski says everyone is welcome, regardless of ability to pay. There will be a warm-up session, a lesson in basic breaking choreography and then a short Q&A where Edra will answer questions from participants, “to dig into her journey and her state of mind a little,” Milewski says.

      “One of my roles right now as a director of the Block and a community teacher is to keep people inspired,” he adds. “It’s not about teaching them crazy dance moves every week. It’s about having something to work towards and look forward to. [Edra] is such an inspiration on so many levels. She draws people in with her skills as a breaker, but you realize that’s a fraction of the inspiration she has to offer. This fundraiser is not just about raising money for this studio but about raising inspiration for everyone, drawing them in with this dope, well-known B-girl teaching a class. By engaging with her it inspires a whole different level of mindfulness.”  

ON THE BILL: Block 1750 hosts a hip-hop breaking lesson with Logistx. 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28, Block1750.com/live. Suggested donations starting at $5. For more information contact hello@block1750.com, or 303-654-9617.

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