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To those about to report, we salute you

You know, we’re thankful for Sean Spicer. Or as we call him, Baby Spice Jr. But that’s only because without Sean Spicer we wouldn’t have Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of Sean Spicer. And as Planet Earth burns, melts and begins its countdown to the end, we all need a laugh every now and then.

But that’s about it on the list of why we like Spicey.

The list of reasons to hate Mr. Press Secretary is much longer, and newly added is Spicer telling a journalist to stop shaking her head. And why would she dare shake her head when Spicer has such important things to say like: “If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection.”

Oy vey.

Well, Trump does put ketchup on his steak… and thinks Obama is listening to him through the microwave… We guess Russian salad dressing wouldn’t be a big stretch for Donny Boy.

But we have a message for Spicer. We can’t stop and we won’t stop shaking our collective journalism head at bullshit. Feel free to let your boss know.

And to all the diligent journalists continuing to cover this mockery of a government by attending these “press briefings,” we at BW salute you.

We can’t make this stuff up

The waiting is over Boulder. No, Bernie hasn’t taken over the White House… yet. But finally, the Boulder City Council has announced… wait for it… the official pet designation for the City of Boulder. You can let out that sigh of relief now.

We’re not sure what was on the table — hamster? black bear? goldfish? — but we know the Council probably had some sleepless nights mulling over the decision.

So what, you ask, did they settle on? Drumroll please.

Boulder’s official pet is the kitty cat.

(We’re not sure what the “kitty” adds, but we’re just here to report the facts.)

Now, here at the newspaper office, there’s some debate on cats. Some are staunch cat lovers, while others think cats are “sleazy.” (Yeah, we’re not sure how cats can be sleazy, but everyone’s allowed their opinion.) But, in general,  we at BW approve the choice. Good on you, City Council.

The vote happened during what had to have been a heated, contentious breakfast. This isn’t your typical brunch ladies and gentleman; this is serious. It came down to three votes for dogs and six votes for cats. And as one brave member said, “We just think kitties really have the heart of Boulder.” And another, “They are soft, cuddly, and they purr.” And probably the biggest defense: “They are clean and unlike dogs.”

Now who can argue with that? Probably owners of clean dogs. But we digress.

What a great place to live. Next big choice: What is Boulder’s official color? Submit your votes now.

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