Samsung Galaxy S3 sales to reach 10 million during July


Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is expected to be a sales juggernaut, according to a new report.

Speaking to Reuters in an interview published yesterday, Samsung telecommunications chief JK Shin said that he expects Galaxy S3 sales to reach 10 million units during July.
Samsung typically calls devices it shipped “sales,” since the products
have been sold into the retail channel, so it’s not immediately clear if
Shin’s Galaxy S3 figure is actual sales to consumers or simply units

Samsung’s flagship handset is one of the most sought-after
iPhone alternatives on the market. Just last week, in fact, Sprint announced that it was forced to delay the handset’s June 21 launch
because of “overwhelming demand.” That followed a host of positive
reviews that peg the handset as one of the top available now.

CNET last week posted its review of the Galaxy S3,
and awarded it an Editors’ Choice, earning four stars out of five.
Reviewer Jessica Dolcourt said that the handset is “an excellent,
top-end phone,” and includes “high-performing hardware and creative
software features.”

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