Executive Chef, Samir Aniba of Carreli\'s
Susan France

For more than two decades you, our loyal Boulder Weekly readers, have been participating in our annual Best of Boulder survey, and we can’t thank you enough. And besides saying thanks, we also need to say congratulations, because you did it again.

You set yet another new all-time record when it comes to how many of you voted for your favorite businesses in our Best of Boulder online survey. And as usual, we think you made a lot of great choices this year.

So just to be clear, here is a quick refresher on how the Best of Boulder survey works. First, the survey is kept open to voters throughout the month of March. With the exception of boxes marked as “Staff Picks” — which are selected by us, often to highlight great businesses in an area that doesn’t have its own category — all of the winners in all of the categories in this publication have been determined solely by our readers’ votes. Period. Boulder Weekly employees were allowed one vote in each category just like everybody else, and we had no idea of what the vote totals were until the survey officially closed.

This is exactly why winning Best of Boulder has become the most coveted award in the region. It really is a measure of the quality of a business from the perspective of tens of thousands of members of the community. BW isn’t saying these businesses are great — although we probably think they are — it’s our readers who are saying that they’re great. This is why we list five winners in each category. Making it onto a Best of Boulder winners list in any category is an impressive accomplishment of which any business should be proud. Congratulations winners. Your businesses help to make Boulder County one of the best places in the entire nation to call home.

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